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The benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is more suited for those with a medium to high pain tolerance.

Deep tissue massage targets knots and adhesions deep in the sub-layer of your muscles.

Some benefits of deep tissue massage include relief from lower back pain and inflammation.

Widely used to treat chronic aches and pains, deep tissue massage is a popular form of massage therapy. This technique targets areas of tension or tightness by applying concentrated pressure to the sub-layer of muscles and fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles.

Many people consider a regular massage to be a relaxing body rub with calming music and inviting fragrance. 

“The goal of a deep tissue massage is to support joint restrictions, knots, and adhesions in muscle and fascia. A deep tissue massage is a good option for someone with a decent tolerance for pain. 

Deep tissue massage benefits

Deep tissue massage helps the body by releasing restricted or injured tissues. By applying appropriate pressure, deep tissue massage “expedites recovery to provide pain relief. 

According to research, the benefits of deep tissue massage include: 

Increased range of motion

Lower blood pressure and heart rate

Reduced pain perception

Relief of inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis

Relief of chronic and low back pain

Reduced pain associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis  

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